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Children – pediatric dentistry in Satigny

"Everybody carries a child within that wants to play" - F. Nietzsche

Kids are not smaller versions of adults. They deserve to be treated in a way that suits their particular needs. Their world is spectacular, and we try to dive into it with them. We have adopted a way of treating children that allows us to take away their fear and anxiety and makes their experience as relaxed as possible, using kindness, patience, and gentleness. We devote special attention to ensuring that they do not feel pain, as pain is the main reason why children are scared of going to the dentist, which in the long term could have a negative impact on their dental health.

Last but not least, we even offer medical hypnosis to make treatment possible even in the most challenging situations.

Our goal, however, is to avoid your child needing any kind of treatment, and so we pay special attention to prevention and early diagnosis.

Dr Joanna Taieb will be happy to take care of your little and young ones with great patience and a lot of experience!


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