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Children – pediatric dentistry in Satigny

"Everybody carries a child within that wants to play" - F. Nietzsche


Kids are not a smaller versions of adults. They deserve to be treated in a way that suits their particular needs. Their world is spectacular, and we try to dive into it with them. We have adopted a way of treating children that allows us to take away their fear and anxiety and makes their experience as relaxed as possible, using kindness, patience, and gentleness.

Why is good child care important?

An early start gives lifelong benefits: Scientific studies show that preventing problems in the baby teeth has a protective effect on the permanent dentition. Pediatric dentistry therefore focuses on early prevention and education, helping children (and their parents) to acquire good oral hygiene habits right from the start. This paves the way for a lifetime of healthy mouths.

In-office preventive measures include regular check-ups, cleanings and fluoride treatments, and sometimes the grooves in the middle of the molars need to be sealed. The aim is always to stop dental problems before they become serious.  This is good for the child, who is less burdened, and for the parents, who save time and money.

If, despite your best efforts and ours, treatment becomes necessary, it's no tragedy. Our team is specially trained to understand and respond to children's specific needs. We create a comfortable and fun atmosphere, reducing the anxiety and fear associated with dental visits. That's why, even if it's well intentioned, we recommend that you as parents, don't "prepare" your child for a dental visit any more than necessary. This can often trigger fears that can make it difficult for your child to get to the dentist.


It's also important that treatment for children (as well as adults) is pain-free, so as not to block the child's dental care with a traumatic experience. We use modern technologies and can even offer treatment under medical hypnosis if required.

What else can pedodontics offer?

An important part of children's dental care is monitoring the growth and position of their teeth. Permanent teeth often don't have enough room to fit harmoniously into the dental arch. This can lead to chewing difficulties and aesthetic problems. Sometimes, jaw growth is also disturbed, i.e. the jaws grow inharmoniously or in the wrong direction. In such cases, and to take advantage of the child's natural growth, a specialist ("orthodontist") should be called in to guide the growth of the jaws in the right direction and correct the position of the teeth as quickly as possible.


The main aim is to help children enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles all their lives, boosting their self-confidence and general well-being.

Dr. Johana Taieb will be happy to take care of your little and young ones with great patience and a lot of experience!

Dr Wolfgang Johannes is the "space explorer". He solves growth problems of all kinds.


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