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Dental bridge: stable beautiful teeth

With a dental bridge, the missing tooth (or teeth) is replaced with a restoration that sits on the adjacent teeth. Like a bridge over a river. Dental bridges are fixed and cannot be removed. No surgery is required to make them. 
With modern materials, we can make dental bridges that look as good as and sometimes better than natural teeth.
However, if the neighboring teeth are perfectly healthy and untouched, it would be a shame to cut them down to place a bridge on them. In this case, a dental implant can sometimes be a better option.


A dental bridge is tightly bonded to the adjacent teeth. If possible, our goal is to replace missing teeth with non-removable restorations. Bridges are superior to dentures (so-called "appliances"). The quality of life is better and the life span of fixed restorations is twice as long. 

dental bridge.jpg
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