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Demystified: medical hypnosis​ in Satigny

"Hypnosis is a lively relationship that takes place in one person and is awakened by the warmth of another." - Milton Erickson


Milton Erickson is considered to be the father of modern hypnosis. Thanks to him, this therapeutic tool has finally been accepted in the medical world. Our patients are often placed under hypnosis without realising it, which helps them shift their focus away from their pain or fear. Being afraid of the dentist is by no means rare. Statistically speaking, 70% of patients fear dental appointments, and 4% of them do so to an extreme degree. This fear can sometimes be disabling, which can lead to the patient eventually developing a severe dental condition as a result of repeatedly postponing dental treatment. The hypnotic state is a natural state. We’ve all experienced situations like it – who among us hasn’t been so engrossed in a book, for example, that we’ve been oblivious to things going on around us? Or settled down in front of a film that was so good it made us forget the headache we had? Medical hypnosis is concentrated and focused attention on something pleasant and enjoyable, which gives rise to a feeling of mental relaxation and openness to hypnotic suggestions, including those with an analgesic effect. This technique is practiced with great delicacy and is intended for all audiences. A first appointment without any dental treatment is advised. This meeting allows the practitioner to get acquainted with the patient and especially with their concerns. It is exactly the state of mind achieved through this meeting that will enable the patient to overcome their fear and anxiety. A second appointment will then be scheduled to perform the dental treatment in a calm and relaxed environment.

Doctor Katerina Seintou will be happy to discuss options with you and give you further information!


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