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Dental hygiene in Satigny

"You don't have to brush your teeth. Only the ones you want to keep." 

- Author unknown


Nowadays, dental hygiene is more than just clean teeth or professional tooth cleaning. In recent years it has become the basis of modern dentistry. This is because when plaque stays on your teeth, it not only causes decay and pain, but hardens into what is known as calculus or tartar. This results in gum problems such as receding gums and, in some severe cases, periodontitis, a chronic disease which causes bad breath and can eventually destroy your jawbone and loosen your teeth.

The majority of these problems can be prevented simply by having good oral hygiene. This is achieved through regular and thorough cleaning at home with appropriate devices, as well as regular visits to a professional dental hygienist – the only way to remove all harmful deposits from areas that are difficult to reach. You will also get advice on the best way to care for your teeth.

After a cleaning with our modern equipment, you will experience a pleasant freshness and your teeth will feel like new!

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