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Periodontology: gum care in Satigny

Despite being a relatively unknown field, periodontology is one of the most important in dentistry. Its key objective is to ensure that your teeth stay with you throughout your life!

Nowadays, cavities are no longer the main cause of tooth loss. It is in fact gum disease (also known as “periodontitis” or “periodontal disease”) – a chronic, often painless infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports the teeth – that is primarily responsible. As tooth deposits such as tartar and plaque build up, the body’s response is to withdraw from the bacterial deposits, which can lead to tooth loss.

If you suffer from gums that bleed easily, loose teeth, migrating teeth or bad breath, you should get a check-up to determine the cause. You can also do a self-test by clicking here.

Despite myths to the contrary, this disease can be treated! A specialist working together with a qualified dental hygienist can provide you with the care you need, and advise you on a strict home hygiene regimen to be followed in combination with the treatment in order help stabilise your teeth.

Periodontology also has very close interactions with cosmetic dentistry and dental prosthetics. We are also able to restore certain patterns of gum loss, known as "recessions".

Dr. Sebastian Engelhardt is specialized in treating gum diseases and is happy to provide you with further information and discuss options with you!


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