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Dental prosthesis in Satigny

Despite all the efforts of modern dentistry to keep your teeth as long as possible (with great success), we sometimes still face a situation that requires the extraction and / or replacement of one (or more) teeth.

Our primary goal is to copy nature for a result as beautiful ... And sometimes even more aesthetic!


The objective of the dental prosthesis is to restore the masticatory function and the aesthetic appearance. In general, we speak of a dental prosthesis when the structure of a tooth is badly damaged and must be reconstructed by a ceramic restoration ("onlay" or "crown"), and when it is necessary to completely replace one (or more) missing tooth ("bridge", "implant", "denture" etc.).

Furthermore, a dental prosthesis can be fixed (like real teeth), or removable (which mean it has to be taken our for cleaning etc.). Both versions have their special advantages and disadvantages.

There are many solutions to different problems, sometimes the treatment is straightforward, sometimes it can be very complex and challenging. That's why we always need to do a complete analysis of your individual situation, in order to find the best solution for you and discuss options how it can be realised.

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